Z Truggy for the Troops – Pt II

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Article Contributed by: Sam House

SH EnginesWe wanted everybody to enjoy this awesome Z Truggy, so we selected the lowest rank Soldier to be the first one to have the Truggy. He will have it for one week and race it the following weekend. I picked up fuel (2 gallons Bryon Fuels Gen 2) and an igniter from a departing Soldier for the Truggy also. We will select a Soldier every week to take this with them and race the next week, I will also use the Truggy to help drum up membership. I have received lots of positive feedback and comments from the Soldiers. Even from the true residential nitro experts at our track here in Baghdad.

Our First driver was PFC Alex Matos, he was shocked to know he would get to test/run/comment on this! You will see the smile on his face.  His comments upon opening and getting to see it was “At first site it looks like a race truck, so as soon as I can find some fuel and glow plug ignigtor I will be ready to go” . Well he was even more surprised when the fuel showed up and the igniter.

SGT David Wheeler (Local Nitro expert) helped Alex get the sh engines truggy up and running. They did a check out of it to ensure it was track ready, some minor, minor adjustments were made to the steering track, fueled it up, put the igniter on it, and with the first pull it started right up. Again some very small adjustments made to the carb (new fuel Byron’s 25%) and some slow laps (half a tank). It was then when the local experts to this BAD BOY for a spin, everyone loved it and commented how good this thing looks and handles.

Comments from the Soldiers

*SPC Johnson (Nitro Expert) Commented “Nice even

balance of chassis, easy tunable, easy to replace parts”

*SPC Beese, Robert (He ran it hard) Commented “GREAT




SH Engines since 1989

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SH EnginesWhen your wondering about the next engine modded to satisfaction and pushed to clear the triple at the local rc race track – look no further. SH Engines have been manufacturing since 1989. With over twenty years of experience on the books SH Engines has continued to provide cutting edge CNC Techniques and proecesses that continue there rise into the Nitro Engine Elite. The durability of these engines are second to none!  We ran the P3 .28 Engine w/pull start (The one included in the ZMXT 8 Ready to Run Truggy) with out disappointment. The engine has plenty of torque for powering out of the courners, and likes to find its power band high in the RPM Range. After two weeks of daily testing, the only thing needed for us…a bigger gas tank!  The engine found about 8 minutes +or- 1 minute. Depending on the driving conditions and how much throttle we were into. Overall super easy to maintain and even easier to run with. When your ready to add a few ports, change the horse power and find an engine that’s just right for your buggy or truggy’s driving style, take a look at the Pro Competition Series from SH Engines.

The Z Truggy has been Drafted!

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Imagine being away from the family, then imagine being away from your family and RC Cars….Paul Popov is a veteran himself and also the owner of http://www.z-carusa.com. He spent quite a bit of time over in the middle east and knows exactly what the everyday can sometimes be like. After reading many articles about the Baghdad International RC Speedway, Paul decided to donate one of Z-Car Technologies fantastic new rides for our troops enjoyment! The truggies are what the racers prefer so the new Z-Truggy “ZMXT-8” was sent care of Sam House! The Z-Car USA Team broke the engine in, cut holes for the fuel tank access & cooling, and adjusted/prepped everything for the troops – 100% ready to race! Stickman R/C also donated a very nice 1600maH Ni-MH receiver pack, hand built, and already installed. The Stickman R/C pack will give you 45min+ of run time before a re-charge! The SH.28 engine that comes with the RTR runs strong and fast, no need to swap that engine out any time soon! Included with the sh engines Z-Truggy is a few more air filters for the sandy racetrack conditions, and of course, a few OD green Z-Car USA t-shirts! Z-Car USA sincerely hopes our troops get plenty of enjoyment and fun with our SH ZMXT 8 RTR, and a giant thanks to our troops everywhere for your service!

ZMXT 8 Ready to Run

Respectfully Yours,

Paul Popov,

Owner www.z-carusa.com Classic City Hobby dba.

8771 Macon Hwy STE B Athens GA 30606

706-549-9300 service@z-carusa.com

Ready to Run Z-Truggy

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SH ZMXT 8 1/8 Nitro Truggy RTR

The ZMXT 8 RTR hits the Nitro Z Spot – We have been running this one around the yard, the track, the road, the jumps, put a gallon of fuel through the very powerful SH .28 Engine – and it just wants more! Z-Car Technologies Ltd really did a fantastic job designing, manufacturing and launching a world class Truggy! Paul Popov owner of Z-Car USA and Classic City Hobby located in Athens,GA is given a huge thumbs up for putting this vehicle in the right hands for the review!

zmxt 8

Full Review on RC Universe

Source Juiced RC

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